After the widespread of computers, there are not aspects of our lives and society that hasn’t been changed. Computers have changed our way of doing jobs and how we perform our daily tasks. Then after the smartphone, everything starts to converging to our palms. Things like letter writing, written notes etc., has been transformed to voices messages, emails or notes on your mobile.

The business gets the most from computers. Now all business operations are run on the computer or with the help of the computer. Due to this many activities that were essential for business in past, are now obsolete. Even the process of business has been upgraded that minimize people interference.

But still, there are some things which are still in practice and need human intervention. This is not because that computer can’t perform those task but sometimes giving those tasks to the computer can increase the cost of certain activity and also may slow down the process. One such example is the handwritten receipt we usually get after booking our parcel for delivery or any other such transaction. 

The receipt is written on docket book, that usually contains at least two more copies of the same receipt. The topmost receipt will be given to the customer and the below copies that are made of carbon paper, have the same content as of the top page, are kept in record for future reference or reconciliation.

Yes, the question arises in the mind that it doesn’t seem to be such a complex function that computer can’t handles them. So why it is needed to use to docket books and what benefits that can provide.

  1.  The cost of receipt from docket book is considerably less than computer printed receipt. Even the material cost i.e. paper is lower than computer printing paper. Then to generate computer printed receipt, you have to deploy one resource who is also computer literate. The computer and printers will consume more energy. Also, the printer will need cartridge refill after a certain number of prints. Whereas in the case of docket books, you need a person who can just write, pen and docket book. You will be spending fewer resources to generate one receipt. Especially if you are running a small business, then why to spend extra on e-resources when the same process can be done by a single man, by hand.
  2. Docket book receipts can help to speed up the process of generating receipts. As for computer-generated receipts, one has to fill in the complete data in computer-based software. Then the command will be given to printer to print and in case there any technical error in software or printer, the whole process will be halted but when writing from hands-on docket book, you just have to fill few spaces and tear the receipt to handover. As long as the person knows how to write, they can issue receipts

The delivery of docket books can easily be get printed. Even many templates can also be found online, also there are many printers available online who can provide your required printed docket books or a triplicate docket book at your doorstep. Click here for more information on triplicate docket books.