Is your care air condition is not working good or as you expected and wanted? Well, there can be many reason behind that it is not working perfect from which one of the reason can be its gas because air condition gas some of the time get leaks or most of the time what happens is that we never focuses on to the air conditioner gas pump or its container and when a car suddenly goes in any of the trench on road than there is a possibility that air condition gas get leaked and still we are using air condition but we are not feeling cool air or in other words we can say that it is not getting the temperature cool. Now when it is summer so it become very hard to driver without air condition, well, there are many other chance too but it is much recommended to regularly check your air con gas. Go right here to find out more details.


In an addition, it is not like that you have to get air con gas check only when your ac is not working but it is more about a regular check-up even if there is full gas but if a gas has passed at-least one year than it becomes old gas and it is now become important to get your air con REGAS. The reason for this is that old gas become harmful and according to the researches air con REGAS should have to be done once in a year at-least because when it get older it started to diluting harmful bacteria and gas which are not good for our health and specially for our respiratory system. However, there are certain air condition gases which can runs more than a year and it all depends upon the quality of air con gas you are using. Some of the air con REGAS companies offers long life healthy air con gas which can runs more than two years as well but to be honest it is bit costly than the regular air con gas.


Moreover, the company namely, “Ted Cahill Motors” which is the most recommended and best company for auto works including brakes repairs, air con REGAS and every kind of automotive repairing and servicing works has taken this initiative to run a campaign for the air condition gas because most of the time their customer when reaches to them after several appointment on other workshop and still their air condition didn’t work as expected and then Ted Cahill Motors fixed that up just doing the Air Con REGAS. The motive is to let the people should know about this problem as well so that they will not waste money on  car air conditioner repairing work without any solution or proper diagnosis as in most cases it is all about air con REGAS. It is also about the healthy air con gas as there is many other kind of air con gas which is not good for health, so it is recommended to have only high quality of gas, offered by Ted Cahill Motors. For more information, and appointment, please visit their official website at