Plumbing generally refers to any and all kinds of pipelines that run around your home and office, these include, water pipes, sanitation and drainage, pipes for heating and cooling and many more. Plumbing in fact is the service whereby any repair, replacement or fixture of these pipes, their valves or tanks requires.

Know about the history of plumbing

Plumbing is as old as the ancient civilizations of let’s say the Greeks, Romans, or Indians etc.; this is because these civilizations had built public baths and developed a system for providence and removal of water and waste.  So according to historical sources, pipes were used during the Indus valley civilization and the Romans specifically used lead pipes in those days. Later it was not until the eighteenth century that underground system for sewerage was developed. And it is after the World War II that countries have replaced lead pipes with ones made from copper as it was found out that lead can be poisonous.

Plumbing in Australia

Each country has their central authority that manages various departments and so the board that manages the plumbing in Australia is the board for Australian Building Codes. They make all the rules and regulations regarding plumbing. And beneath this are the authorities at state level. Each state may have slightly different rules.  The state authorities are the ones that issue license to emergency plumber in Geelong and to companies offering plumbing services. So if you are living in Australia and you require services of a plumber, then all you need to do is contact Clear Water Plumbing. The team they have on board can cater to both domestic and commercial level plumbing problems. 

This is because they are the ones people trust the most when it comes to plumbing. So if you live in Belmont, Geelong or in Newtown, and you haven’t had the chance of Clear Water Plumbing fix your leaked pipes, then now is the time to contact them. Reasons as to why they should be your go to plumbers is that all their team members are licensed to carry out any and all plumbing activities and services. Secondly, they are insured, so in case there is a mishap, you need not to worry about the damages. Thirdly, all their workers are not only educated regarding the job, but also experienced and trained regarding all the possible problems that they might have to face in plumbing.

This means that you can trust them, and sit in peace with your family on a day off instead of trying to fix pipes that you know little about. Irrespective of the scale of the work, how big or small it is, their focus is to deliver their best as nothing is more rewarding after a day’s work than customer’s satisfaction regarding the quality of their service. In addition to the quality of service, what makes them a customer favorite is also the fact the price they charge for these services.