It is a common perception that we can only visit a gynaecologist if we are pregnant. Also, people usually consider that only married women can visit gynaecologist which is basically a wrong thing. Anyone can face issues and they have to immediately see a gynaecologist as leaving hormonal issues unattended can cause many other problems which are not good in long term. So, as soon as a girl fees anything unusually in her body, she should visit a doctor.

The Reasons

There are many reasons that women visit gynaecologist. A few reasons are mentioned below.

  • Menstrual Disorder:

There are many women who goes through unbearable periods pain. The cause of a pain is still a question mark. Also, there are women who experience heavy bleeding. They feel so lethargic and weak during menstrual days. A gynaecologist can handle it better. She examines a patient and treat accordingly.

  • Ovarian Cyst:

We are unable to get pregnant if we have ovarian cyst. Married women want to become pregnant as soon as they are ready for it. They try it but there is no luck for it. The reason could be an ovarian cyst. It blocks the tube and eventually doesn’t allow a woman to get pregnant. To resolve this issue, we need the help of a gynaecologist.

  • Pelvic Infection:

An infection can occur with anything. If we drink less water than it can cause pelvic infection. When a woman has pelvic infection, she doesn’t feel like to have sex with a partner. Also, she has a burning sensation down there which irritates all the day long. We need medication for it.

  • Ectopic Pregnancy:

Ectopic pregnancy means that a baby is growing in the tube. It doesn’t reach to the uterus. The main reason of ectopic pregnancy is the blockage of tubes. When the tubes are blocked a baby stuck in the tube and start growing over there. Chances of getting tube burst are high. We have to immediately go to gynaecologist clinic of Alexandria to have this matter resolved.

  • High Prolactin Levels:

A woman has high prolactin level when she is a breastfeeding mother. On the other hand, there are women who have high prolactin level even they are unmarried. It needs to be treated as it can cause tumour in brain.

  • Small Egg Size:

When a woman wants to get pregnant, she needs a particular egg size. When an egg size is small, she doesn’t get pregnant. A gynaecologist can help a woman in reaching the desired egg size.

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